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Professionally Recorded Audio Books

Professionally Recorded Audio Books - Abridged or Unabridged

Your book will be professionally recorded either with a professional narrator or YOU.

The session will be directed by a professional director in one of our state-of-the art studios.

The entire book will be edited for stops, starts, clicks, pops, breaths, etc. CLEAN ROOM sound will be inserted between phrases, just like they do in Hollywood.

Post production: Your audio book will be brought to industry standard levels and music will be placed at the beginning and end of each cd. Spoken credits will be at the beginning and end of the program.

Your audio book will be proofed to ensure its quality.

We will provide cover artwork design and implementation by our award winning graphics department.

Your will receive a complete and final proof book for your inspection.

We will manufacture the audio book on CD, and print the front and back cover artwork with our beautiful full color printing process.

Your audio book will be made available at retailers such as BuyBooksOnTheWeb.com and Amazon.com for the CD version, and Audible.com and Apple's iTunes Store for the downloadable version. Baker and Taylor will handle the title information and provide additional sales reach to stores and libraries.

Your audio book will have an ISBN assigned and it will be submitted into the Books In Print database.

Your audio book will be sold direct to the public as well as to stores and distributors.

You’ll be able to purchase copies of your audio book with a 50% discount on your first order and 40% off after that.

You’ll get free shipping on quantities of 25 or more (small handling charge applied).

You will keep your book rights.

You’ll earn royalties on every audio book sold.

Your audio book will generate sales and recognition for you and your print/ebook versions.

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