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How to Submit Your Book for Publishing

How to Submit Your Book for Publishing

Publishing your book with us is easy! All of the information you need to prepare and submit your book for publication is on this page. We want this to be simple for you, but we also believe in providing options if it enhances the experience. You can either use our Concierge service below or simply complete the manual option below.

Authors Concierge™ (a free service)

Select Authors Concierge™ and simply choose online how you would like to publish your book and save 10% in the process. An experienced Author Advocate will contact you within 1 business day to answer any questions, guide you through the process and assure your total satisfaction.


Submit your book file and material on your own
To publish your book, we require a completed Book Publishing Agreement, payment of your setup fee, and a disk containing the files we need to self publish your book.

  1. Book Publishing Agreement - Simply download our Book Publishing Agreement to get started. A one-time setup fee of only $599 (for black & White) covers all aspects of self publishing your book, including a custom-designed color cover, ISBN number, barcode, submission to Books in Print and other distribution outlets, royalties paid monthly and a generous bookstore return policy.
  2. Payment - We accept personal checks, credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Amex, and Discover), or money orders. The setup fee is $599 in addition to any of the optional add-on book publishing services you choose.
  3. Book Files Disk - You will prepare for us several digital files in Microsoft Word (or comparable) format and save them to one CD or USB Drive. These files shall include:
    • Your book file from which we will format and print your book.
    • A 100-word description of your book for promotion and inclusion on our website.
    • A 100-word biography about you for promotion and inclusion on our website.
    • A succinct 30-word description of your book for marketing on our website.
    • A thousand-word-or-less excerpt from your book as a "sneak peek" on our website.

INTERIOR FORMATTING: You may format your book yourself, or you may provide a sample of how you would like your book formatted (photo or document file). We will take care of all the rest. For example, if you simply send us a standard word document, we will take care of the rest.

COVER: If you have artwork already created, please save that to disk for us. Preferred format is Photoshop with layers intact (unflattened) . Or you may send us an image you’d like us to use for the front cover.

BACK COVER: We will use your 100-word description and the 100-word bio for the back cover. If you would like to prepare specific text for the back cover, you may provide us with an additional file. This should be saved to your disk in text format and named "back cover." You may also provide us with a photograph of yourself for the back cover.

NOTE: On the publishing agreement you will be able to choose the formats you would like to publish in and the size of your book.

Send Us Your Complete Book Package
All files sent to us should be on the same disk. It is preferable that all materials be submitted to us at the same time, including your payment and pub agreement. When you have all of your files prepared and saved, send the USB Drive or CD along with your signed contract and full payment to:

Infinity Publishing
ATTN: New Book
1094 New DeHaven St.
Suite 100
West Conshohocken, PA 19428

In about 6-8 weeks from our receipt of your book files, you will receive the first proof of your book!

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