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At Infinity we believe that every book’s success is based on a targeted Marketing Campaign supported by a Publicity Campaign. This combination helps the Author create awareness not only of the book and its content, but also, and sometimes more importantly, about the Author and their story.

Thousands of books are published each month in different formats and the battle for media attention is more competitive than ever. With this in mind we have created Publicity Campaigns that include both traditional and online campaigns unique to the Book Genre and Author, and led by a professional book publicist ready to work with Infinity’s Authors to assist their books in becoming best sellers.  There are a number of Campaigns to choose from, but the Kick-start Media Campaign helps you lead the way. To learn more about our Publicity Marketing Services, contact any of our Author Advocates and they will provide you with additional information on our packages.

Book Publicity Kick-start Media Campaign  -  Price $1,999

This service is designed for a quick, highly targeted media outreach by a professional book publicist, with you, the author, following up and scheduling all opportunities. Your publicist will create a press release for your approval and “pitch” targeted media to local, regional and national print (magazine and newspaper), broadcast (radio and television), and online (e-zines, blogs, websites) outlets across the U.S. and Canada. Your publicist will also create a high priority media list of 20 contacts and will mail them your book and press release.

At the end of the three week campaign, your publicist will guide you on how to continue follow up activities to encourage media coverage. You will receive information on all media contacts that expressed interest in your book and a publicity manual with tips to promote yourself and your book.  Learn More


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