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Print on Demand and Book Self-Publishing FAQ

Print on Demand and Book Self-Publishing FAQ

We are here to help writers achieve their goals as self-published authors. Please browse our FAQs for more information on self-publishing your next book with Infinity Publishing. If you can't find the answer to your question, contact us Toll Free at 877-BUY-BOOK so that we may personally respond to your inquiry or request your FREE Book Publishing Guide today.


Don't Publish Your Book! Until You've Asked the Book Publisher These Important Questions

We believe that every writer should have the best possible experience while self publishing a book. That is why we offer one of the most comprehensive and affordable print on demand self publishing services in the world.  We also realize you may be overwhelmed by your choices as you compare book publishers so we've developed a list of the most important questions to ask the book publishing companies you may be considering at this time.

  1. Do I keep ALL RIGHTS to my book, including foreign language, film, television, radio, audio, or electronic book (e-book)?
  2. Most bookstores will not stock books that are non-returnable. Will my book be fully returnable when purchased by a bookstore?
  3. Is my book designed and printed in the United States where my work is protected by U.S. copyright laws?
  4. How often am I paid my royalties and do all sales of my book show on my royalty statement, including my own purchases?
  5. Do I get a discount on books that I purchase? Do these sales pay a royalty to me?
  6. Do I have the final say on how my book will appear in print?
  7. Will I get an ACTUAL BOOK as a proof copy to review and show my family and friends, or does that cost extra?
  8. How will my book be priced? Will it be able to compete with other titles on bookstore shelves?
  9. Does your one-time book publishing fee include everything I need to make my book retail ready?
  10. What bookseller policies do you have in place to encourage the sales of my self-published book?
  11. What additional benefits do you offer to self publishing authors beyond your book publishing and marketing services?
  12. What materials and resources do you have to help support my book marketing efforts?


Self-Publishing Your Book Using Print on Demand Book Publishing

What is POD book publishing?

Is Print On Demand publishing like Self-Publishing?

How are Print On Demand books printed?

How does my new book get added to your Print on Demand publishing system?

What's covered in your Print On Demand self-publishing fee?

How will my Self-Published book be priced?

Why would I want to increase the price of my Print On Demand book?

How can your Self-Publishing Company publish a wider selection of genres?

I have a niche book. Should I Self-Publish my book using Print On Demand?

Can Print On Demand publishing bring about change in the book publishing industry?

Are Self-Publishing Print on Demand authors gaining book publishing success?

What if a Traditional Book Publisher offers me a deal on my Print On Demand book?

Is your Self-Publishing Company like a vanity press?

What kinds of authors Self-Publish their books using Print On Demand?

What is Traditional Book Publishing?

Why would a traditionally published author want to Self-Publish a book using Print On Demand?

What kinds of books couldn't be published by a Traditional Book Publishing house?


What authors say about Self-Publishing their books with Infinity Publishing

We take pride in building personal relationships with our self publishing authors. We have a vested interest in helping our authors sell more books. Your Author Advocate will help you to understand how to market and promote your book while helping you to overcome the roadblocks you may face along the way.

Below, we speak candidly with some of our authors who are at various points in the book publishing process:

Why did you decide to Self-Publish your book using Print On Demand?

If you were self-publishing your book today, what would you do differently?

What have you been doing to promote your self-published, print on demand book?

Having done it yourself, what do you see as the future of print on demand self-publishing?

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