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How can your Self-Publishing Company publish a wider selection of genres?

How can your Self-Publishing Company publish a wider selection of genres?

Simple math. If each year, over 200,000 book proposals are submitted to traditional book publishers and agents, and only 10,000 are selected for publication, then there are more than 190,000 unselected authors who remain unpublished. The print on demand publishing process offers authors the opportunity to self publish beyond the selective, restrictive confines of the traditional book publishing industry. Let’s say for every romance novel accepted there are 100 rejected because they didn’t follow the proper hot button of formula writing that was expected—or, to put it another way, they were lacking in the sameness that has long been the norm in order to secure the bottom line. There wasn’t a thing wrong with the wordsmithing; they simply lacked the specific cataloging needs of the book publishing house.

How many times can an author be rejected and not lose faith? There are alternatives.

Many of those rejected authors are finding the guts to self publish their books using print on demand. If only 25 of those rejected romance authors self-publish books, then book shoppers have 25 new releases in an array of blended genres to consider. Now, if you are projecting these numbers to other genres, and add in a few new ones, you could see 60,000 to 90,000 new self published titles versus 10,000 new releases by traditional publishing houses.

When publishing your book with us, you will enjoy the utmost of freedom, flexibility, and high profitability; just as a self-published author would. At the same time, you'll be the published author of a book, that is manufactured to bookstore quality standard and available to stores and retailer; just like authors of traditionally published books. Our self publishing authors have enjoyed great success with their books and have appeared on Oprah, Dr. Laura, CNN, Howard Stern, Book TV, and more! We have published best selling authors, famous columnists, and even Miss USA 2004, Shandi Finessey.


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