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The Easiest Way to Publish Your book!

Authors Concierge™ provides you an easy and safe way to publish your book. Choose online how you would like to publish your book and save 10% in the process. An experienced Author Advocate will contact you within one (1) business day to answer any questions, guide you through the rest of the process and assure your total satisfaction. We are there for you, from pre-publishing to the delivery of your first books!

We look forward to partnering with you on your publishing journey!

Step 1: (the only step…)

Using the form below, simply choose your publishing options* and you will receive 10% discount on your initial order. It's never been easier and your satisfaction is guaranteed! You will need to submit your publishing agreement within (2) business days to take advantage of this expedited service and discount.

* Your preliminary total is calculated below and selections can be amended when your Author Advocate calls you to complete the process.

SBW Price: $599
SC Price: $699
HBW Price: $849
HC Price: $949

Full formatting, color cover creation, and distribution of digital file. (Includes listing with all of our major distribution channels)
eB Price: $349

Conversion of previously published books. (Includes listing with all of our major distribution channels) (Additional charges may apply for required formatting and complex conversions)
eBC Price: $199  

Professionally recorded and produced. Book file conversion (MP3 or CD), color cover creation and distribution. (pricing is based on # of words)
AB Call for quote

Up to 11,000 words professionally recorded and produced. (Best for short stories and abridged non-fiction).
1-HA Price: $599
$10 per scan
$5 per scan

Add-on Services

Word Count x .019 per word and up
Price: $275 (Color additional)
Price: $249
Price: $150

Renaissance ($595), Modern ($925), Contemporary ($975)
Price: $595 - $975

*A completed and signed copy of the CD in a Book Agreement must accompany this agreement* (soft cover, B&W books only)
Price: $200

(100 trees planted in the name of your book)
Price: $50

(Suggests levels of editing that you may select)
Price: $179

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